Friday, February 1, 2013

Snow Snow, Go Away

So last night, I prepared myself to watch Archer at my friends dorm.  So, I practiced some singing in our performing arts center, and went to pick up a salad from one of the dining halls.  Nothing on the ground at all, it was just a little cold outside.  I walked on over to the dorm and we played some FIFA and watched some TV.  It was only an hour later when we decided to go to the market to pick up some extra food.  We peer out the window, and cutting through the dark night sky was snow.  It every direction.  Swirling and driving, it was already piling up on the ground.  Normally I love snow, especially when I get to go sledding.  On a side note, sledding down a hill with a lot of people on an old mattress is loads of fun.  Anyway, I usually enjoy a good snow.  But of course, this is Ohio, where it is acceptable to have a day of above fifty degree weather, and two days later have cold and snow.  Then I wake up for class today and of course, it's a solid 5 degrees with ice on the ground, just what I was looking forward too.  

In high school had this happened, I would have looked forward to the likely two hour delay I would get, to catch up on sleep and the homework I didn't do the night before.  If I was lucky, the big districts would get scared and even stop bus service, which meant that I would have no school, and could make friends with my Playstation until it was time to sled, then arrive back home to warm hot chocolate with marshmallows.  Nothing beats marshmallows in hot chocolate, although whipped cream on the top is a solid addition.

The only partly acceptable part of this frigid weather staying around is that the local ponds are freezing over again as I type, meaning:  Pond Hockey.  Or just pond skating or sliding in general.  Sure it's not the safest idea in the world but it's defiantly one of the most rewarding, and somehow natural feeling activities to take part of in Winter.  

Well, that class that I just had to wake up for is calling me....